You won the makeup lottery and finally found the perfect shade of lipstick! What do you do when you’ve loved it to the last bit? Don’t toss it just yet! On average, 26% of the lipstick you pay for is still stuck inside the tube when you reach the bottom. Digging with cotton swabs and lip-brushes is messy and outdated. So how do you save all that lipstick and hard-earned money? Say hello to Lip Laster! Simply Push, Twist, and Pull to Xtend the life of your favorite lipsticks! It’s the makeup accessory you knew you needed but never knew existed! Save lipstick, save money, save the planet.


I’ve been waiting on this product without knowing I was waiting. I’ve never shared this but I have lots of lipstick tubes in my makeup bag. I just keep them because I spent good money for them, they look good on my lips and for some reason, I just always thought I’d find a way to use them again. And now I can! It’s like I have new tubes of my favorite lipstick. Lip Laster is a Life Saver. It should be called Life Saver…but I guess Lip Laster works. 🙂

– R. Anderson – Boston, MA

I tried the Lip Laster with minimal expectations and I must say, I am impressed! I was able to retrieve a substantial amount of my favorite Guerlain Rouge G Jewel lipstick. This color was discontinued and I couldn’t find a replacement. Great idea!

– P. Smith – Washington, DC

I was using a q-tip to dig out my lipstick and tried the Lip Laster. I love it but the most impressive thing was the fact that I could get the remaining lipstick out of the tube, put the cap on the Lip Laster and take it with me. I’m a fan!

– T. Miller – Los Angeles, CA

I can’t tell you how many lipstick tubes I have in my drawer. When I find the lipstick that flows with my vibe, I pick it up. That being said, once I do find a lipstick, I’m very particular about keeping it for as long as possible. The Lip Laster allows me to use my lipstick and know that when I get low, I’ll have more left. Buying lipstick is a different experience when you know you have a Lip Laster.

– V. Davis – Des Moines, IA

I’m mad I didn’t think of this first! What a great idea. I’ve always found ways on Youtube to get the most out of my lipstick. I’ve used everything from a blow dryer to toothpicks and even qtips. Any and every way to get my money’s worth. The Lip Laster made it so simple and even better, it’s mobile! I can take it with me. Great job Lip Laster, I have a new friend.

– B. Martin – Pittsburgh, PA

I’m going to need a few of these. The Lip Laster is such a great idea and it’s mobile. I’m so used to using tweezers and making a mess but it became the norm and I was able to get some of the lipstick that was left in the tube. I just followed the instructions in the box, I pushed, twisted and pulled and just like that I’m putting my lipstick on without having to clean up the mess. Very cool!

– B. Wilson – Detroit, MI

I was going out of town for work and my sister stopped over. I told her that I wanted to take my favorite MAC lipstick but I couldn’t get to the store to get more before my flight and I was at the end of the tube. She ran out to her car and brought in this strange tube and showed me how to use it. I was blown away! I was actually able to get the last of my MAC lipstick out of the tube in a easy, smooth way. She gave me the top to put on and I put it in my purse and left. A couple days later, there was a corporate dinner. I pulled out the Lip Laster and used it like I was using the original MAC lipstick. Now I owe my sister a Lip Laster and I’ll order it when I order another for myself. Genius!

– L. Taylor – Tampa, FL

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