Can I reuse Lip Laster?

Yes, Lip Laster is a resuable device that you simply clean after each depleted use.

Will Lip Laster fit all lipstick brands?

Lip Laster is designed to fit lipstick barrels that are half an inch or more in diameter which represents the dimensions for most lipstick brands.

How do I best clean Lip Laster?

Use of a cotton swab with soap and water is all it takes to best clean the device.

How much lipstick will Lip Laster extract?

Lip Laster will extract a majority portion of the lipstick upon first extraction. If so desired, the Lip Laster can be reinserted to extract any remaining lipstick residue to completely empty the receptacle.

Will Lip Laster pay for itself?

Approximately 26% of lipstick is left in most lipstick receptacles. Thus a $20 purchase of lipstick would equate to approximately $5 of wasted investment. Buying a Lip Laster and using it over 4 separate occasions will in time allow the product to pay for itself.

Will there be future new products from this company?

Yes, there are several products that will be released in the near future designed to solve the common challenges that consumers of cosmetic products face. Subscribe to our email list and be one of the first to learn of these exciting new products as they launch.

Can Lip Laster be purchased in bulk?

We are always open to established businesses looking to carry our product. If you have an established brick and mortar or online business, please contact us to learn more on how to do wholesale business with our company.

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