Lip Laster


  • Unique patent pending apparatus designed to extract the portion of lipstick lodged inside the lipstick casing.
  • Equipped with a sliding knob to allow exposure of the extracted lipstick as well as retract the lipstick if need be.
  • Created with the look and feel of a typical lipstick casing so that your extracted lipstick can store and travel anywhere.
  • Except for the lid, there are no other detachable parts.
  • Easy to clean with soap, water, and a cotton swab.
  • Made in China by an operated and owned American facility. No child labor or sweat shops used in the production of product.



Product Dimensions

H: 2.75” (70 mm)    

L x W: 0.78” (20 mm)

Product Weight

0.5 oz/14 g

Package Dimensions

H: 3” (76 mm)         

L x W: 0.875” (22 mm)

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